SEED Miami Students Take the Leap

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Did you learn to sing, play an instrument, draw, or dance in school?

If you’re like many Americans, you received arts programming in middle and high school as part of your required curriculum. Unfortunately, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, arts programming is on the decline. Some educators attribute the drop in arts education to a focus on standardized tests, which only measure achievement in core subjects. As the cliché goes, “What gets measured gets done.”

However, that may now change. In a groundbreaking, large-scale study, The Brookings Institution found that arts education matters. After analyzing 42 schools, researchers found that “a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.” 

We agree!

At SEED Miami, we support our students by helping them to discover new talents and to deepen their interests through our Sparks program, a component of our Student Life curriculum. From robotics to drama, from origami and comic art to fitness, SEED Miami is providing students with programming and experiences to broaden their knowledge of the world and of themselves.

For the past five years, our students have attended Alvin Ailey performances and workshops and have enrolled in AileyCamp—a full-scholarship, six-week summer program featuring a variety of dance styles and classes, along with workshops on critical thinking, conflict resolution, and creative communication. Earlier this year, the SEED Miami Sparks program partnered with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater to offer our students a safe and artistic environment in which to take dance classes.

Most recently, Robert Battle, artistic director at Alvin Ailey, visited the students at SEED Miami and spoke about his journey through college and his path to becoming a dancer. During the question-and-answer session with Mr. Battle, students asked, “At what age did you first know that you wanted to become a dancer?” and “What advice would you give me if I was interested in someday being a principal dancer?”

At SEED, we see the real, positive impact of arts education on our students every day. It’s exciting to now have the data to back up what we know.

Thank you for your support of Sparks and for helping our students take the leap to becoming our next generation of creative thinkers, collaborators, and problem solvers!

To learn more about the Sparks program at SEED Miami, click here.

Harri-Anna Derulos (SEED Miami '21) Has Big Plans to Become a Lawyer

Harri-Anna, pictured fourth from the left.

Harri-Anna, pictured fourth from the left.

Harri-Anna Derulos (SEED Miami ’21) enrolled at SEED because of its track record in helping underserved students successfully get to and through college. She is determined to be the first person in her family to become a college graduate, and as an honor-roll student, she is well on her way.

A natural leader, Harri-Anna served as class president for two consecutive years. During her tenure, she advocated for better catering that would offer more diverse and healthy dining options. Her strategy worked! The school now offers a greater variety of food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the students to enjoy.

“Harri-Anna is one of the most dedicated students I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s constantly pushing herself to maintain her academic and personal successes,” said Kiara Muhammad, student life counselor at SEED Miami.

Harri-Anna is also a SEED ambassador. In this role, she serves as an official student representative for The SEED School of Miami and hosts tours for prospective donors, incoming SEED students, and prospective families. Alongside her mother, who is a parent champion, Harri-Anna hosted representatives from one of SEED Miami’s largest donor organizations. Her personal testimony has been vital to individuals looking to gain a better understanding of SEED’s impact.

One of Harri-Anna’s most rewarding experiences has been participating in SEED Miami’s Mock Trial. This program is offered through SEED Miami’s Sparks program, which is a component of the school’s student life curriculum. In Mock Trial, Harri-Anna learned about the key elements of a trial—and the U.S. legal system—through preparing for and participating in simulated trial competitions. This experience has inspired Harri-Anna to want to earn a Juris Doctor after completing her undergraduate education.

We’re proud of Harri-Anna’s accomplishments and excited to be a part of her continued success!

Learn more about SEED Miami’s Sparks program.

Welcome Martine Marcelin as SEED Miami’s Founding College Counselor


In 2021, The SEED School of Miami will be celebrating our inaugural graduating class!

Time has flown by fast.  It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed our first sixth-grade students to begin their journey at a college-prep, public boarding school.  Now, they are quickly approaching high school graduation, and on their way to enrolling in college.

To support our students during their college access journey, we’ve hired our founding college counselor – Martine Marcellin!  We’re so excited to welcome Martine to the SEED Miami community. Martine joins SEED Miami from Branches, Inc., where she was program manager of Climb to College & Careers, a college access program for three sites, serving 150 students. With a background in college readiness, mentorship, and relationship building, Martine’s expertise makes her a great addition to SEED Miami’s School Leadership Team, and The SEED Foundation’s College Transition and Success (CTS) team.

As a member of the CTS team, Martine will provide personalized assistance to SEED Miami juniors in searching for scholarships, researching universities, and navigating any challenges they face when applying to college. In addition, she will cultivate strong relationships with our families and guide them through the college access and success process which includes college exposure, search, fit, application, admissions, and the graduation process.

We look forward to watching Martine grow as a member of the SEED community, as she will play a pivotal role in the academic success of our scholars.

Howard University house visits Wynwood

Earlier this week, the 9th grade ladies of the Howard University house enjoyed a trip to the Wynwood Walls for some creative expression! The girls also had a chance to walk around Wynwood and enjoy some of the street art before being treated to some ice cream at Mr. Kream's Hip Hop Creamery! Next week, they'll incorporate some of the pictures they took into their Creative Expressions HALLS lesson!

Fourth Annual Dream Ceremony

During the Dream Ceremony last week, the students in the Class of 2024 shared their dreams with their peers, staff, families, and supporters within the community. When SEED Miami opened its doors in 2014, our staff consciously built a culture that put our mission and our students at the center of every decision, including their dreams for the future. Our students are already dreaming BIG—like Kemauri, who wants to become a lawyer and open a SEED school, and JP, who wants to become a doctor with the hope of one day finding a cure for diseases. We can’t wait to help them make those dreams a reality!

Football Debut

Yesterday our high school football team, led by Coach Farley and Coach McBride, played their first game of the season. The young men played their hearts out, leading for much of the game, before falling short late, 22-20. Although our team was made up of six 8th graders and six 9th graders, they played against 9-12th grade students in the league they are competing in. Joseph Portillo led the offense with 3 passing touchdowns to Marvin Wright, Tavariz Williams, and Vaughn Harris. Gaudner Paul had an interception for the defense.

SEED Store Beach Party!

To celebrate the end of the 2016-2017 school year, Professor Diaz and the SEED Store helpers organized a SEED Store Beach Party incentive for students who did not earn a referral that week. Students snacked on icees, ice cream, and other snacks while lounging on beach chairs.

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