The SEED School of Miami is South Florida’s first college-preparatory, public boarding school. Our mission is to provide an outstanding educational program that empowers students to be successful, both academically and socially, in college and beyond. 

With the extra time afforded by our boarding program, we are not limited by the confines of a classroom. We help students navigate barriers to success, and not just academic ones. We encourage students to grow through their life experiences as well as their academic experiences. We create the space to build deep and long-lasting relationships with our students and our families. 


P.S. Don't forget to ask your employer if they match gifts! 

Employer matching gifts may also be available to you if you are the spouse of an employee, a retired employee or the spouse/widow/widower of a retiree. SEED will recognize you in our annual report for the full amount of your own gift plus the corporate match!

Want to find out more?

We'd love to share the SEED story with you! Contact Tiffany Graver-Smith, Director of Development: Annual Giving at tiffany@miami.seedschool.org or 786.218.8503 to learn more.

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