We are The SEED School of Miami.


At SEED Miami, our students live at the school from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. Using the gift of time that comes with a 24-hour program, SEED reaches beyond the traditional school day and teaches students to thrive in a rigorous academic environment, to be ready for college, and to develop essential character traits for lifelong success—perseverance, self-confidence, and self-discipline. 

All of this happens in a safe, structured, and predictable environment—three healthy meals a day; consistent relationships with excellent role models; daily academic challenge and support; and extensive programs in athletics, visual and performing arts, and service. Students are held to strict performance standards and assessments to assure their progress toward college-readiness.

As SEED’s goal is high school and college graduation for every student, our alumni are supported (beginning their twelfth grade year and continuing throughout their college careers) by the College Transition & Success program, which helps SEED graduates become college graduates.

The SEED School of Miami is the third school in SEED’s network and opened in 2014.  Read more about SEED’s other schools in Washington, D.C. and Maryland

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SEED's Holistic Model

We believe that some students need a 24-hour learning environment to achieve their full potential. Our holistic model brings together a full suite of services--academic, social, emotional, physical and mental health services--and customizes it to meet each student's needs.

Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do--from our instructional practices to our school culture to the systems and processes we put in place each day:







The SEED School of Miami does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, color, national origin, religion, or disability. This requirement extends to all SEED Miami programs and activities, including employment and admissions as applicable and in accordance with state statute regarding student eligibility criteria.

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